A book resting on someone's lap, the book is titled Making it Here' by David F. Radcliffe

We are delighted to announce a new publication by David Radcliffe titled “Making it Here,” which examines origins and evolution of manufacturing in Fishermans Bend during the first half of the 20th century. This in-depth exploration centres on the lives of four immigrant engineers – Otto Schumacher, Alfred Harman, Albert Longoni, and Fred David – who played pivotal roles in shaping the industry landscape. Through a people-centric lens, the book delves into themes of enterprise, innovation, and adaptation, providing valuable insights for contemporary business practices. Thanks to David for providing an opportunity to explore the rich legacy of these individuals as Fishermans Bend embarks on its next chapter.

Secure your copy of “Making It Here” by David F Radcliffe.

City of Melbourne Stresses Urgency for Tram in Renewal Plan

The City of Melbourne recently emphasised the urgent need for a tram connection to Fishermans Bend, supporting its position on the state government's draft developer contributions plan. The plan allocates $309 million for drainage and flood mitigation but raises concerns about funding essential projects and lacks clarity on criteria. The City underscores the importance of funding "catalytic" infrastructure like the tram line and Melbourne Metro 2 for the precinct's viability. Despite Infrastructure Victoria's recommendation for a tram line by 2026, the government hasn't allocated funds or specified tram corridors.

Equinix's Guy Danskine with climate minister Lily D’Ambrosio and Labor MP Nina Taylor

Equinix Installs 1MW Solar Array in Melbourne

Equinix Asia-Pacific recently completed the installation of a 1MW rooftop solar system at its ME1 International Business Exchange (IBX) data centre in Lorimer Street, Fishermans Bend. This marks Equinix's largest onsite rooftop solar PV system globally and one of the largest data centre rooftop solar deployments in Australia. With rooftop solar systems operational at eight facilities spanning Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney, these installations collectively contribute approximately 1.8MW of energy to local power grids, showcasing Equinix's commitment to environmentally responsible operations.

4DMedical Redefines Lung Function Diagnosis

In a recent visit to 4DMedical, Lord Mayor of the City of Melbourne, Sally Capp AO, witnessed groundbreaking advancements in respiratory health and the understanding and diagnosis of respiratory diseases. The team at 4DMedical's advanced manufacturing facility located in Fishermans Bend, are utilising cutting-edge technology, specifically the XV Scanner™, the world's only dedicated lung function scanner. This innovative device captures a full-breath cycle in motion from four different angles simultaneously, providing unprecedented insights into lung health and function. Addressing the limitations of current imaging modalities, the XV Scanner offers superior accuracy, sensitivity, and regional-level insights, marking a significant leap in respiratory imaging technology.

ACS-A Welcomes Tony Carolan to Board of Directors

In a strategic move, Advanced Composite Structures Australia | ACS-A welcomes Tony Carolan as the newest addition to its board of directors. With an impressive four-decade career in advanced manufacturing, spanning aerospace and mechanical engineering, Tony's extensive expertise aligns seamlessly with ACS's growth plans. As Chairman Murray Scott expresses, Tony's track record in scaling manufacturing is a significant milestone for the organisation. Having established Australia's first advanced composites manufacturing facility, Tony is poised to contribute his wealth of experience to guide strategic scaling efforts. His return to the board is seen as pivotal, promising impactful growth and innovation for ACS.

Meredith Sussex – Chair of Fishermans Bend Development Board and Lord Mayor Sally Capp break ground to plant trees along Turner Street holding shovels and wearing hi-vis vests

Fishermans Bend Development Board Completes Term

The Fishermans Bend Development Board, instrumental in advising on Australia's largest urban renewal project, has concluded its term. Chair Meredith Sussex highlighted achievements, including the Montague precinct and affordable housing initiatives. The newly formed Precincts Team will continue development, awaiting vital tram and train infrastructure announcements. The area's growth, including a new University of Melbourne campus, hinges on improved transport links, aligning with ongoing discussions with the Victorian Government. The board's dissolution marks a transition in advancing Fishermans Bend's extensive urban development plans.

Aerial view of Fishermans Bend

Planning Permit Hurdles Impact Dexus' Fishermans Bend Sale

Dexus has recently finalised the sale of a Fishermans Bend development site for $30.07 million to Alan Ali, a homewares and toy importer. This transaction, managed by Colliers and Dawkins Occhiuto, comes after the property was initially listed in 2022 for $50-$60 million. Originally part of Toyota's manufacturing operations, the 2.2-hectare site was acquired by MAB in 2005 became part of Dexus' portfolio through the APN takeover in 2021. NSL Property Group Managing Director and Vice President of Fishermans Bend Business Forum, Guy Naselli, suggested "The final price achieved by Dexus is reflective of the uncertainty around planning in the precinct at this point. This 250-hectare industrial area sprawling from South Melbourne to Port Melbourne has been envisioned by the government suburbs that could house 80,000 people over the next 40 years. However, these people need to get around but the bus services isn’t cutting it. The tram is critical in getting this area off the ground and becoming a world leading precinct."

render of Barak Beacon housing redevelopment

How Delayed Transport Infrastructure Affects the Barak Beacon Housing Redevelopment

The delayed delivery of Victorian Government promised public transport infrastructure for Fishermans Bend, outlined in the 2018 Fishermans Bend Framework, is not only affecting the local area but also impacting neighbouring suburbs and precincts. Our friends from the Beacon Cove Neighbourhood Association (BCNA) raised concerns about this issue last week, particularly as it relates to the Barak Beacon Housing Redevelopment only 350m from Williamstown Road which borders the Fishermans Bend precinct. Originally envisaged with 4-5 storey buildings, the redevelopment now proposes structures of 9 and 11 storeys. The BCNA underscores the necessity of timely transport services to support new residents and alleviate congestion, highlighting the crucial alignment of infrastructure development with housing redevelopment plans.

In Case You Missed It:

Expressions of Interest Opportunity Continues with FB IDEAs

FB IDEAs continues to accept Expressions of Interest, inviting innovative ideas and project proposals for Fishermans Bend's development. Diverging from conventional grant cycles, this process emphasises continuous refinement and development, fostering a dynamic and responsive partnership. FB IDEAs specifically encourages early-stage concepts, aiming for collaborative shaping and realisation within Fishermans Bend. Reach out to explore possibilities and actively contribute to our precinct's ongoing development.

Aerial view of Fishermans Bend

Fishermans Bend Business Forum Transport Advocacy Campaign

The Fishermans Bend Business Forum persists in championing crucial upgrades to public transportation infrastructure through its latest Transport Issues Paper. The document unveils existing challenges, urgent pleas for investment, and offers comprehensive recommendations.

Fishermans Bend Seed Toolkit Propels Sustainable and Innovative Urban Renewal

The Fishermans Bend Seed Toolkit has just been unveiled, a catalyst for place-based economic development in line with the visionary 2050 goals. Aligned with the Fishermans Bend Framework, aiming for 80,000 residents and jobs, the Toolkit promotes collaboration for a specialised, innovative, and inclusive economy. Focused on innovation in business, it offers diverse tools to define place, generate activity, and seed economic opportunities, contributing to a vibrant and innovative economy for a stronger Victoria.