On the Move: Fishermans Bend Business Forum Continues its Advocacy for Improved Public Transport Solutions

Aerial map of Fishermans Bend and South Melbourne with highlighted transportation network

The Fishermans Bend Business Forum is actively advocating for crucial transport infrastructure in Fishermans Bend, Melbourne. 

Despite the 2018 master plan envisioning green spaces, affordable housing, and advanced manufacturing jobs, delays in implementing key transport projects, like the proposed tramline and bridge, hinder progress. 

The Fishermans Bend Business Forum stresses the importance of immediate investment in public transport to unlock the area’s potential, addressing issues such as inadequate bus services, environmental concerns with diesel buses, and the need for more sustainable options. The ongoing Auditor General investigation and a housing crisis in Victoria further emphasises the urgency of this advocacy. 

The Forum’s comprehensive advocacy plan outlines vital points, urging staged development alongside transport provisions, commitment from both government and developers, and prioritisation of tramlines for projected growth.

Explore more in the Fishermans Bend Business Forum’s “Transport Issues Paper”, which highlights its essential work in advocating for a better future for Fishermans Bend.

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