Artist render of Montague, Fishermans Bend

Montague's Future Unveiled: Draft Implementation Plan Open for Feedback

The Department of Transport and Planning has released the much awaited draft 'Making Montague' Precinct Implementation Plan (MPIP) for public consultation, seeking community and stakeholder input to shape the final plan. Montague, one of five neighbourhoods in the Fishermans Bend urban renewal precinct, is undergoing significant development and is expected to experience substantial growth in the next decade. The consultation, closing on 23 February 2024, offers engagement opportunities through activities like the Montague Survey, submission process, and a mapping activity. ​

Aerial view of Fishermans Bend for the Melbourne Design Week

Have Your Say: Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Infrastructure Funding Plan

The Department of Transport and Planning invites your input on the proposed funding approach for essential infrastructure in Fishermans Bend's urban renewal. The endorsed plan aims to secure funding sources for the area's development through the Draft Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area Development Contributions Plan and the Open Space Uplift development incentive. This initiative seeks to provide planning certainty and enhance essential infrastructure for the area's urban renewal. Your feedback as a potentially affected party is valuable and sought after in shaping this plan. Join in and contribute your views to this vital urban renewal initiative in Fishermans Bend.

Unveiling the Future: Fishermans Bend Seed Toolkit Propels Sustainable and Innovative Urban Renewal

The Fishermans Bend Seed Toolkit has just been unveiled, a groundbreaking initiative to drive place-based economic development and propel the urban renewal area toward its ambitious 2050 vision. Anchored by the Fishermans Bend Framework, the area aspires to accommodate over 80,000 residents and jobs, fostering sustainability, liveability, connectivity, diversity, and innovation. Recognising the need for economic evolution, the Toolkit empowers collaboration among government, industry, institutions, and investors to shape a specialised, innovative, and inclusive Fishermans Bend economy. With a focus on fostering innovation connected to business, the Toolkit provides a diverse set of tools to define place, generate activity, and seed economic opportunities, ultimately contributing to a thriving and innovative economy that supports a stronger Victoria.

Expressions of Interest Opportunity Continues with FB IDEAs

FB IDEAs Expression of Interest process is ongoing, welcoming ideas and project proposals for development in Fishermans Bend. Unlike traditional grant cycles, their approach involves ongoing refinement and development, fostering a responsive and active partnership. FB IDEAs encourage early-stage ideas, aiming to collaboratively shape and bring them to fruition in Fishermans Bend. Get in touch to explore the possibilities and contribute to the area's development.

Aerial view of Fishermans Bend

Fishermans Bend Business Forum Transport Advocacy Campaign

The Fishermans Bend Business Forum continues to advocate for essential public transportation infrastructure upgrades in its new Transport Issues Paper, revealing challenges, urgent calls for investment, and comprehensive recommendations.