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The Guide to Doing Business in the City of Melbourne

Discover the essential guide to business in the City of Melbourne, offering valuable insights for startups and seasoned enterprises seeking global expansion. From streamlined approvals to networking opportunities, this guide covers the crucial steps for navigating Melbourne's dynamic business landscape. Emphasising innovation and economic growth, it also outlines available grants and sponsorships for businesses reflecting key values. Bookmark this resource for a quick reference to Melbourne's vibrant business ecosystem.

Breaking Ground: Southbank's Build-to-Rent

CDL Australia broke ground at its first Build to Rent scheme in Australia in an official ceremony last week, located at 203-205 Normanby Rd, Southbank. Crema Constructions is the appointed main contractor for this development of 237 homes, including a mix of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and studio apartments. "With construction sign-off now complete, it’s exciting to get this project off the ground and begin to help ease Melbourne’s rental supply shortage. Following the construction sign-off, demolition was completed in September, making way for the piling rig which was mobilised late September [...] with an estimated completion in late 2025." Cameron Laird, CDL Australia.

Why You Should Leave Work On Time This Week

We love to see Fishermans Bend businesses in the spotlight! What's On Melbourne has listed THE LUME Melbourne as one of its 12 reasons to leave work on time. Offering yoga and pilates classes guided by expert instructors from Happy Melon Studios, the immersive experience blends nature-inspired landscapes, meditative soundscapes, and signature perfumes to create a calming and engaging space.

Tower Makes The Urban Developer's Coolest List

The slender tower design at 276-284 Ingles Street earns a spot in The Urban Developer Melbourne's Coolest Projects of 2023 list. With distinctive semi-circular forms, this FR Investment Group project transforms the former Winfield Automotive Services site in Fishermans Bend. Designed by STUDIO KRISTEN WHITTLE, it pays homage to the area's post-industrial history with red oxide concrete and bronzed curtain walling. It's set to include 389 apartments, 8693sq m of commercial space, and 2088sqm of retail.

Aerial view of Fishermans Bend featuring industrial buildings, a sports ground, suburbs, all the way to the Melbourne skyline during the day

Insights from Fishermans Bend Place Naming Consultation

The Fishermans Bend Place Naming Framework consultation summary is now available, reflecting insights gathered from the community engagement held between 28 August and 9 October 2023. Themes such as industrial heritage, Indigenous culture, natural environment, and memorialisation emerged, shaping the upcoming Draft Fishermans Bend Place Naming Framework for community review later this year.

Powering into the Future with Power Melbourne

In the pilot phase, 450 kW/1MWh batteries will be strategically placed at Library at The Dock, Boyd Community Hub, and Council House, charging during renewable energy peaks. Origin Energy joins in this initiative, which aligns with community desires and builds partnerships for a sustainable tomorrow. With support from the Victorian Government, the pilot network aims for mid-2024 operation, advancing Melbourne's journey to 100% renewable energy by 2030 and Council's net-zero emissions goal by 2040.

In Case You Missed It:

Artist render of Montague, Fishermans Bend

Montague's Future Unveiled: Draft Implementation Plan Open for Feedback

Review and provide input on the draft 'Making Montague' Precinct Implementation Plan (MPIP) by the Department of Transport and Planning, a key step in the Fishermans Bend urban renewal. Montague, part of the precinct's development, is set for significant growth over the next decade. Public consultation is open until 23 February 2024, offering opportunities for community and stakeholder input through the Montague Survey, submission process, and a mapping activity.

Aerial view of Fishermans Bend for the Melbourne Design Week

Have Your Say: Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Infrastructure Funding Plan

Share your thoughts on the funding approach for essential infrastructure in Fishermans Bend's urban renewal. The endorsed plan, utilising the Draft Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area Development Contributions Plan and the Open Space Uplift incentive, aims to secure funding for development and enhance crucial infrastructure. Your valuable feedback, especially as a potentially affected party, is crucial in shaping this vital urban renewal initiative.

Fishermans Bend Seed Toolkit Propels Sustainable and Innovative Urban Renewal

The Fishermans Bend Seed Toolkit has just been unveiled, a catalyst for place-based economic development in line with the visionary 2050 goals. Aligned with the Fishermans Bend Framework, aiming for 80,000 residents and jobs, the Toolkit promotes collaboration for a specialised, innovative, and inclusive economy. Focused on innovation in business, it offers diverse tools to define place, generate activity, and seed economic opportunities, contributing to a vibrant and innovative economy for a stronger Victoria.

Expressions of Interest Opportunity Continues with FB IDEAs

FB IDEAs continues to accept Expressions of Interest, inviting innovative ideas and project proposals for Fishermans Bend's development. Diverging from conventional grant cycles, this process emphasises continuous refinement and development, fostering a dynamic and responsive partnership. FB IDEAs specifically encourages early-stage concepts, aiming for collaborative shaping and realisation within Fishermans Bend. Reach out to explore possibilities and actively contribute to our precinct's ongoing development.

Aerial view of Fishermans Bend

Fishermans Bend Business Forum Transport Advocacy Campaign

The Fishermans Bend Business Forum persists in championing crucial upgrades to public transportation infrastructure through its latest Transport Issues Paper. The document unveils existing challenges, urgent pleas for investment, and offers comprehensive recommendations.