What's On in Fishermans Bend - August 2023

The Fifth Estate Festival of Electric Ideas

The Winners and the Finance Masterclass

Date: 02 August 2023
Time: 1-3:30pm
Place: Online, Free

The emerging market of property investors who are cleaning up on the clean energy transition and why they can’t get enough of the B and C grade opportunities. You’ll hear about the financial, reputational and social brand benefits of going retrofit and why some tenants already say they want to move to an old retrofitted buildings to raise their ESG brand. But first, you’ll take a hard nosed look at the finance landscape.

The Fifth Estate Festival of Electric Ideas

Precincts – Close To You

Date: 16 August 2023
Time: 1-3:30pm
Place: Online, Free

You know this: working together makes sense. Energy, water and sewage treatment utilities also work so much better in sync – they’re the hungry invisibles of our net zero transition. You’ll hear about the rewards of the collective and why some of the smartest heads in town are investment in energy and utility precincts.

You’ll learn about our precinct future and why planning a controlled integrated solution can deliver so much value. And a bit about the funding.

The Fifth Estate Festival of Electric Ideas

Portfolio Transitions

Date: 30 August 2023
Time: 4.30-6.00pm
Place: Online, Free

How to achieve net zero for commercial properties at scale

If you’re the sustainability or ESG manager of a large real estate investment trust right now, you will feel the pressure to deliver ever better performance accompanied by a multitude of disclosures. Required by your investors, stakeholders and by law.

This masterclass will focus on your needs: what are your peers in commercial buildings, shopping centres and industrial property doing to shape up to the new demands and how can this inform your actions?  

You’ll discover how the Federal Government’s $15 million+ investment in the National Energy Performance Strategy helps you. What’s keeping the ESG directors at the top end of town awake at night? How do they transition entire portfolios? Who are the experts they call on to help? And what will make them go harder/faster?

Experience an extraordinary fusion of art and taste at Feast For The Senses. Pairing massive moving works of art with native Australian flavours, this event promises an unforgettable journey. The Lume, known for its mesmerising digital art displays and immersive sound system, has become a hub for captivating moments. Now, in conjunction with the ongoing Connection exhibition, visitors can take part in a unique dining experience. Visit Mirri, the on-site restaurant, and enjoy a three-course meal within the gallery itself.

Join CBCo Brewing for Footy & Frothies from Thursday to Sunday in their Small Hall. Enjoy live screenings of football games throughout the season. Cheer on your team with an optional $70 drinks package. 

Metartworld, the largest metal art gallery in Australia, features a stunning collection of unique artworks crafted by international artists using scrap metal and recycled materials. The intricate details and textures in each handmade piece are a result of hours of crafting and polishing. The gallery’s themed spaces offer immersive experiences, from exploring the universe to strolling through a lush green field. Additionally, Metartworld offers a long-term art curriculum for children under 15, providing them with a diverse range of free handicraft courses. METART Studio also provides an extensive array of DIY projects for all age groups, including Turkish mosaic, plaster doll painting, fluid bear pouring, and more. 

Coming Up

The National Transport Research Organisation, NTRO (formally ARRB) , will be hosting a fully multi-modal transport conference showcasing research, innovation, and technology across road, rail, ports, and airports.

You’ll see and hear about the latest research and innovation. Where we are now. Where we’re going in the future. The transport challenges we need to prepare for. Delivering the integrated multi-modal transport solutions of tomorrow.

Taking place from 25-27 October 2023 at their offices in Fishermans Bend, you’ll see and hear about the latest research and innovation in the transport sector.