Bernadene Voss


Bernadene has had long and deep involvement in Fishermans Bend, from re-zoning onwards she has been a strong advocate for better planning and consultation.

As the City of Port Phillip Mayor for four years and a Councillor for eight years she has been focused on making sure planning carefully considers the existing community and those that surround it.

Bernadene Voss

She has a keen interest in ensuring that the Fishermans Bend precincts deliver on the vision and objectives of being a liveable and loved business and residential community.

Bernadene has great contacts and relationships with Government and many businesses in Fishermans Bend. She volunteers her time to helping businesses understand what is happening and how to maximise outcomes in Fishermans Bend.

She is a strong advocate for public transport into Fishermans Bend early and has been successful in advocacy around schools being delivered early into Fishermans Bend – with South Melbourne – Australia’s first vertical school, and now Port Melbourne Secondary School.

She is a resident in Port Melbourne and is a committee member on Murphy Reserve – Port Colts Junior footy club, and a member of the Port Melbourne Football Club.

Bernadene spent two years on the Fishermans Bend Ministerial advisory committee, three years on the Fishermans Bend Mayoral advisory committee with the City of Melbourne Lord Mayor.

She has a Business IT and marketing background.