Fishermans Bend Business Forum has kicked of 2023 with a successful invitation only event for C-Suite businesses in Fishermans Bend.

The thought leadership event, moderated by President Bernadene Voss, featured an impressive panel of speakers, including Sonny Tilders, CEO of Creative Creatures, CEO Amanda Holt Sypaq, Michael O’Sullivan, Siemens Mobility and Chair Murray Scott Advanced Composite Structures. There was also a small showcase including Melbourne University, Starward Distillery, and Grande Experiences.

The  event was held on the 41st floor of the Oakwood Hotel building, where attendees enjoyed stunning sweeping views of Fishermans Bend.

Fishermans Bend Business Forum President, Bernadene Voss, is seated next to panelists at the front of a crowd of attendees speaking into a microphone. There is a presentation on a screen to her left.